Grand Rapids Cable Helpers

Grand Rapids Cable Helpers

It's easy to shave a $1000 off a yearly cable bill with a little help.


The average household pays over $500 a year in junk fees!

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You’re Paying Too Much

We lower 99% of the bills we review. If you’re paying more than $150 a month for cable and internet, we can help reduce that bill substanially. We’ll fix those overpriced bills. If we don’t save you anything, we don’t charge anything—no hidden fees, no risk. That’s our guarantee!

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We Do The Homework

We study the cables companies and understand what options are available in each area. Your bill will drop and you will save money. Our fee structure is simple: We split the savings for the first year and the rest goes into your wallet. It’s that simple. No upfront cost.  No hidden fees. Savings guarantee.

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My cable bill is $30

Grand Rapids Cable Helper was established by me after saving my friends and neighbors over $20,000 on their yearly cable bills. I personally paid the cable companies over $40,500 over 15 years. It was my mission to reduce my cable bill in 2019. The knowledge I gained is used to help everyone and anyone who wants to reduce their cable bills. If you are interested in reducing your cable bill, call Grand Rapids Cable Helpers at (616) 365-5639.

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